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Where Do Red Wolves Live?

Historically, the red wolf lived as far north as Pennsylvania, as far south as Florida, and as far west as Texas. Today, wild red wolves can only be seen in North Carolina’s Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. However, there are many zoos that are part of the captive breeding program across the United States, including the Tallahassee Museum.

Do They Live in Groups?

The family unit or pack usually consists of five to six red wolves, a breeding pair and their offspring. The pack will not always hunt together, but its members will remain in the same home range for a while. The pack has the responsibility to protect the home range and the young. When the young reach maturity, they will leave to find a mate. At this point, the alpha male and female will usually have another litter of pups to replace the ones that are leaving.

What Is Their Habitat in the Wild Like?

Red wolves are very adaptive to different types of ecosystems and can live in a variety of areas such as forests, coastal prairies, and sometimes swamps. They have a secretive nature and require adequate cover, so they prefer areas with brush, shrubs, or trees. The dens for the young are usually made in these areas, or in sandy knolls, hollow trees, or banks of nearby streams.

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