iPad Demo

Students and guests can log into the iPad application or visit the Habitat Tracker or Tallahassee Museum websites.
Users are welcomed with a map of the Tallahassee Museum. They can select an animal and read a brief description of the animal before entering in to make observations.
Users can watch a brief slideshow that provides some instructions and an introduction to the habitat before selecting the observations or journal.
There are three observation worksheets to be completed; habitat, animal, and weather observations.
When making a habitat observation, users indicate how many animals they can see in the habitat and note items that are present in the habitat.
When starting an animal observation users select an animal to observe, indicate where it is located in the habitat, and make an initial observation based on a setting filter question. This filter question varies per animal. In this example it is about whether the Bobcat is in the shade or in the sun. Filter questions for other animals includes where the water level is in an adjacent pond or whether the animal is in the sun or shade.
The animal observation sheet includes up to 16 activities or behaviors. Only one animal is observed at a time to avoid confusing the data. For example, an inappropriate observation might show the otter to be running, eating, and resting all at the same time. Users may make multiple observations.
Users collect weather condition data from weather stations located at various spots along the boardwalk. Data collected include the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and amount of cloud cover.
Students have access the journal section of the application, in which they can compose entries that highlight personal observations and experiences, pose additional scientific questions, or solicit responses to their observations and scientific questions.
Students can browse a list of their and their classmates’ journal entries, entries made by others at their school, or all journal entries. Each set of entries is accessed by tapping on the appropriate tab.