Habitat Tracker iPhone and iPad Apps Available for Downloading

The iPhone and iPad app are now available as free downloads in the Apple App Store.

The Habitat Tracker App is the perfect companion for a visit to the Tallahassee Museum. Walk the habitat trail as a citizen scientist, browsing and recording observations of the museum’s animals, habitats, and weather. Learn more about the animals and analyze the observation database on the Habitat Tracker website. Become more involved in your museum visit and contribute to a growing scientific dataset used by students across the Big Bend region! Great for both individual and family museum visits.

Ease of Use

  • Large buttons and colorful pictures provide easy access to all habitats
  • Simple interface for browsing and recording habitat, animal, and weather observations

Rich Information

  • Browse images and read about the animals as you visit their habitats
  • Access the observation database in real time to see what other visitors have observed at the museum

Complementary Website

  • Access rich multimedia materials about North Florida wildlife online, before and after your museum visit
  • Use the online data analysis tool to identify trends in observation data about the animals and their habitats

Copyright 2013 Florida State University

Image of Habitat Tracker iPhone App in the Apple App Store