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Where Do Deer Live?

White tailed deer are native to 17 different countries, ranging from Canada, throughout the United States and Mexico, down to the South American country of Peru. This species has also been introduced in the Czech Republic, Finland, New Zealand, and Slovakia. Deer have been seen throughout the United States. However, they are not found in Alaska, Hawaii, or desert areas such as some areas of the southwestern states like Nevada and New Mexico. The habitat is not suitable for their survival in these places.

What Is Their Habitat in the Wild Like?

White tailed deer are highly adaptable animals and can withstand the conditions of a high variety of habitats. Some of these habitats include grasslands, prairies and plains, mountains, and forests. However, deer prefer a more sheltered habitat; they often reside in forests, including hardwoods, coniferous, and tropical forests. Deer will often graze in open areas, but they prefer to dwell in the forests at night and during the winter, for protection and shelter from the weather. Many white tailed deer are beginning to inhabit areas where there is more human interaction due to agricultural practices. Deer are starting to stray from their normal habitat to feed upon the food from farms, as more farms are being built. White tailed deer are considered to be pests in cases like this.

Where Do They Live?

Deer require a source of water and an abundance of various types of plants, when it comes to choosing their home. These plants serve either as a food source or concealment for the deer, and include plants such as trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses. Deer will often use a pile of leaves or pine needles as a bed. A typical home range for the white tailed deer is about one square mile.

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