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Readings About the Deer

Use the readings to learn about deer before you go to the museum. You can also look at them after your trip to compare the information in them to the OBSERVATIONS you made at the museum.

The deer readings are organized into four categories:

What Else Can I Do Here?

You can LOOK at pictures and WATCH videos about deer in the media bar to the right.

What Do I Do Next?

Now you can write in your JOURNAL, or join in on the DISCUSSION about deer, or look at the OBSERVATIONS. Or if you want to keep reading about the deer, you can pull up more READINGS.

You can always look at the introduction to the deer habitat in the WELCOME page. Or, if you want to look at information about how to do science or how to do this project you can click on the MAP to navigate anywhere.

To print all the deer readings, please see Welcome to the Deer Habitat. Download PDF