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Welcome to the Bobcat Habitat

Bobcats are mammals that live all over Florida. They inhabit many types of environments such as deep forests, swamps, and hammock lands. Baby bobcats are called kittens. Bobcats vary in color and may be tawny-brown, gray, or spotted. Did you know that the bobcat got its name because of false information? Many people think that bobcats all have short (or “bobbed”) tails, but that’s not always true—some bobcats have tails as long as one and a half feet!

What Can I Do Here?

There are many things that you can do here. Please begin by watching the welcome video for an introduction to the bobcats (simply click on the video on the top of the media bar to the right). You can also use the media bar to look at pictures and watch other videos of bobcats at the museum.

After watching the video, you can use the left-side menu to:

  • Learn more by reviewing the READINGS about the bobcats.
  • Browse the OBSERVATIONS to learn what others have found out about the bobcats at the museum.
  • Collaborate with other students by joining in the DISCUSSION about the bobcats.
  • Record your thoughts and questions, as well as the things you’ve learned about the bobcats, in your JOURNAL.
  • Browse PHOTOS of the bobcats.
  • Use the ANALYSIS tool to answer your research questions.

How Do I Select A Different Habitat?

If you want to learn more about the nature of science or a different museum habitat, you can click on the habitat map to navigate anywhere.